About Us


Phambili Tourism and Development Consultancy is 100% black owned

and is run by a professional business woman.

As training and community tourism consultants,

we educate and provide creative solutions to the Tourism Sector.

The company has employed a team of competent and highly skilled professionals

with appropriate mix of skills in the Tourism, Hospitality, Environment, Heritage, Culture, Sport,

Community Development, Human Resources Management and Education.

Our key strengths lie in developing and applying practical tools that promote sustainability,

and focusing on working with communities, government, organisations and SMME’s

to realize their economic potential through a variety of innovative projects and training programs.

We create long-term lasting relationships with our clients and provide ongoing support.

We strive to see that projects that we are involved in are implemented successfully.

Background Story



In South Africa Tourism is a good news story.

In the White Paper, the Government identified tourism as a sector

which could provide the Nation with an engine for growth,

capable of dynamizing and rejuvenating other sectors of the economy.

Tourism relates to employment, education, environment, culture, transport, safety,

health, consumer protection, development and taxation.

Tourism depends on developments in those areas but it requires planning and co-ordination.

Painful experience in many areas of the world however, has shown that unplanned tourism development

although it may be profitable in the short-term, can do irreversible damage to humankind’s most precious heritage sites.

South Africa is also in an ideal position to take on board one of the key lessons of the International experience ,

namely, that successful Rural Development must be implemented in a Participatory and Decentralised fashion

in order to respond to articulated priorities and observed opportunities at a Local Level.

Properly managed tourism development can help to stop urbanisation,

alleviate poverty by providing new employment opportunities

revitalise traditional buildings and craft industries, enhance both the physical and intangible heritage

and offer a positive, peaceful way for communities to express pride in their cultural identity.

The tourism transformation strategy emphasises on developing black owned businesses within the industry.

Phambili’s role is to ensure that communities especially previously disadvantaged communities

are encouraged and facilitated to play their part in growing sustainable tourism businesses

and to participate in decision – making processes.

The Eastern Cape has its place in the History of South Africa.

Most battlefields were fought in this province.

Eastern Cape is the centre of great Tertiary Institutions that produced world leaders and Icons.

It was the heartbeat of African Nationalism.

These create curiosity which has not been fully exploited and thus creating a tourism business opportunity.

We believe that tourism as an industry in the Eastern Cape has not reached its full mandate yet.

These are some of the reasons that have motivated

Phambili Tourism and Development Consultancy to investigate and even exploit the potential of tourism business opportunities

and practical solutions to Responsible Tourism Development.

Our Vision

To create tourism avenues of tourist interest in rural and urban areas of the Eastern Cape through training with the view of making the tourism industry an instrument of economic stimulation that will result in employment and eradication of poverty of the people of the Eastern Cape.

Our Mission

Our aim is to make a wealth of skills and experience available to the tourism related businesses and organisations through training. Assist the Government in realising its mandate of marketing the province as the leader in Responsible Tourism Practices.

Our Core Values and Objectives

We believe in the empowerment of the citizens of South Africa with genuine life skills thus complementing the Government Skills Development Programme, Government’s policy on BEE, Youth Empowerment and the upliftment of the once marginalized black women. We are committed to quality of service. As we perform our duties we will: Demonstrate honesty, transparency, efficiency and reliability. Create multiple opportunities for our clients and be innovative. Foster tourism and cultural programmes that are environmentally sound and economically feasible. Be global competitive. Empower rural communities to manage their projects. Redress of past imbalances. Pro active response to challenges. Abide by the law and the constitution of South Africa.


Staff Component Management Fyna Mazula (CEO)

B.A (Honours): Rhodes University: majoring in tourism, heritage and museum studies, culture and development, local government delivery, research methodology, critical human resource management, thesis(ecotourism). Bachelor of Arts degree (University of Transkei): majoring in education, anthropology and geography. Secondary Teachers Diploma: (Butterworth College of education) . Diploma in Human resources management and Industrial Relations (RHODES UNIVERSITY) Practical Project Management: (Leadership Development Institute) (Current study: Masters Programme Rural Development – on hold) SPECIALISED TRAINING Theta Accredited Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Coach and Mentor Assessment Scope and Theta Reg No: 613/A/001280/2007 General Travel, Tourism Reception, Event Co-ordination, Event Support Manager, Volunteer and Guiding, Community Conservation. National Certificate: Tourism Guiding NQF Level 4 Reg no: EC 0533 (Drumbeat Academy) SATI Travel and Tourism training for educators( Border Technikon) SA Host Leader Development Programme(LDP) SA Host Customer Care Fair Trade in Tourism Train the Trainer Sustainable Tourism Workshop UNISA 2 Day Sustainable Tourism Seminar SA Breweries 5 Day Train the Trainer(Business Skills) Power Speaking Programme (Voice clinic – Cape Town) Women Empowerment Programme (Voice clinic – Cape Town) Facilitation Skills( Leadership Development Institute – East London) Effective Communication Skills (Unisa) First Aid Training( Emergency Medical Training Centre) Participatory Development Processes (Independent Development Trust) Safety Health and Environmental Training-SHE: ( AKA Risk Management Specialists)